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«Humanitarian» (2020г. №49)

ISSN 2078-9823 (Print), ISSN 2587-7879 (Online)

DOI: 10.15507/2078-9823.049.020.202001.114-118


THE REVIEW on the monograph by Archie J. Bahm “Why be moral?” New Mexico. Albuquerque. World books, 1992, 435 p.


At present, a special role is played by socio-philosophical studies of a worldview and methodological nature. There is a need for systematization and generalization of knowledge of the humanities and natural sciences about a person on a united integrative scientific and philosophical basis. This makes it possible to take a fresh look at the solution of the urgent problems facing society in the modern transitional era, when old values lose their significance, and new ones are only just beginning to take shape in public consciousness. A person should be in the center of attention not only as a natural or socially active being, but also as a responsible person. In connection with the foregoing, the original conception of the integrated personality of the contemporary American humanist philosopher Archie J. Bahm (1907–1996), set forth in his monograph “Why be moral?” (1992) and who is a representative of a special philosophical trend – organicism. His works have no translational analogues in domestic literature. In this digest for the first time we conduct a brief study of the main provisions of his personality theory and its relations with social groups of different levels to which one belongs in a democratic society. This is especially actual in the light of the transition of Russian society from an authoritarian orientation to democratic forms of government, taking into account its national identity and its own historical experience.

Keywords: holistic personality, society, organicism, A. J. Bahm, American philosophy, goodness, pragmatism, behaviorism.


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