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«Humanitarian» (2017г. №39

Galina A. Kornishina

Ogarev Mordovia State University, Saransk, Russia,

e-mail: G.Kornihina@mail.ru




The article is devoted to the rituals that took place during Trinity, in the environment of one of the ethno-territorial groups of the Mordovian people, namely, of the Mordvins, Penza region. The relevance of the study determined that it is necessary to study and preserve the functioning of modern cultural traditions of the various ethnic groups in a rapidly changing and rapidly globalizing world. In this connection it is appropriate to characterize one of the most important components of popular culture – calendar holidays, which continue to support the foundations of the mentality of ethnos. As a rule, the introduction to the national culture occurs through the regional culture. Cultural identity and ownership to the traditions of their ancestors encourages people to identify with the local community and contributes to the perception of its culture. This provides the necessary continuity, which is necessary for the perception of the spiritual heritage of the nation.  The author analyzed the rituals of the Trinity on the basis of literary sources and field materials. This aspect of the study due to the fact that these ceremonies up to the present time are held in the villages of the Mordvinia’s and, in addition, they traditionally are multi-faceted. Undertaken under this article, studies have shown that inherently Trinity ceremonies of the Mordvins in the Penza region in many respects similar to those rituals that are in other territorial groups of the Mordovian people. Modification of individual elements of the Trinity is because traditional components gradually expanding at the expense of innovation. The latter was a consequence of the Mordovians contacts with other ethnic groups and the desire of the rural society, to adapt to a constantly changing socio-economic condition. So, many elements of the rites of the Holy Trinity cycle have moved from religious and mystical substructures in the entertainment and aesthetic rituals. This has led to an increase in emotional and regulatory functions of the holiday.

Keywords: Mordvinians, Penza region, rituals, celebrations, fertility cult, the cult of vegetation, magic, entertainment and gaming elements, Trinity, Tundon iltyamo – Held in the spring, round, costumed, birch.


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