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«Humanitarian» (2017г. №39

Marina E. Ryabova

Russian New University. Moskva, Russia, e-mail: ryabovame@mail.ru




In the article crucial but conceptually undeveloped problem of the correlation between philosophy and translation that is due to the modern moves and changes in the theory of translation as well as in philosophy is updated. The author outlines the main reasons that contribute to profound transformations of humanitarian meanings of particular interest and relevance. First is the general antonymous nature of modern society aimed at supplantation of the familiar existential attitudes. Second is the ambivalence of sociocultural globalization that intensifies interdisciplinary interaction in the sphere of science. The aim of the research is the philosophical reflection of the variables of humanitarian cognition. The explication of “philosophy and translation” concepts is in the center of consideration. Translation is interpreted by the author as a category of social philosophy. Key points of evolution growth of ideas about moving the concept of “translation” into the center of a broad interdisciplinary scientific discussion and the ascent to the category of social philosophy can be seen in the changed role and the function of translation. Translation is viewed as an increasingly important factor in the reproduction of the variety of culture, stimulating the growth of the creative potential of the individual. The translation is considered as a factor that outstands for its significant impact on the society as a whole that requires its consideration by means of social philosophy. The methodology of analysis of significant sociocultural phenomena on the basis of a dialectical idea is proposed. The dual opposition “Philosophy – Translation” is used as a main method of research. This approach includes the need for careful attention to the relationship between the whole and its important parts, which increases the relevance of their relations analysis. In the light of this consideration it is proved that philosophical categories are drawn into science from real relationships.

Keywords: social philosophy, translation, reflection, understanding, meaning, cultural reproduction, dual opposition, interpretation, development, society.


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