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«Humanitarian» (2017г. №39

Nadezhda F. Belyaeva

Mordovian State Pedagogical Institute, Saransk, Russia,

e-mail: belyaevanadezdafeodorovna@mai.ru




The problem of the study is the study of the ethno-demographic situation in the Republic of Mordovia at the present stage. The main aspects of the problem are demographic indicators, sex-age and age structure, the ratio of fertility and mortality, the degree of urbanization, the level of migration. It was revealed that the reduction of the population both in Russia and in the regions is one of the most acute problems of our country. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, Mordovia has the lowest total fertility rate. Mortality continues to prevail over birth rates. It is noted that significant changes have occurred in the age, sex-age structure, the tendency of the reduction of males and the increase in the number of the older generation is revealed. The demographic crisis in the rural environment is most noticeable, where the proportion of the able-bodied population is only 2 %. It is shown that the migration outflow of whole families to cities negatively affects the state of the infrastructure of the settlements. Violation of the continuity of generations, which in turn leads to a weakening of ethnic specifics, national identity. The number of people of Mordovian nationality is increasing, which has chosen Russian as its native language.

Attention is focused on the positive trends that have emerged in the demographic processes in the last decade: an increase in the birth rate, a reduction, albeit insignificantly, of mortality, the restoration of the status of the family and family values. This inspires certain optimism. There have been changes in the educational level, the number of people with higher and professional education has increased.

Keywords: demographic indicators, ethnos, age and sex structure, birthrate, mortality rate, urbanization, migration processes, integration, assimilation, lifestyle, social policy, total coefficient, educational level.


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