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«Humanitarian» (2017г. №39

N. V. Zhadunova1, E. A. Koval2

1Ogarev Mordovia State University, Saransk, Russia, е-mail: zhadunovan@mail.ru

2of Middle-Volga Institute (branch) of Russian State University of Justice (MOJ Russia RPA),

Saransk, Russia, е-mail: nwifesc@yandex.ru




The relevance of the study is due to the fact that a convenient information environment largely determines the spiritual, moral and physical well-being of person and society. However, there is a “bellum omnium contra omnes” at the level of occurrence and management of information streams, which are caused by social and political processes. The problem is that such war is not always caused by ideological preconditions, especially in a situation where subjects of the war aren`t state or officials, but citizens who had no any authority. The nature and consequences of the informational interaction in this case are beyond the systematic control. In terms of the ease and openness of the Internet space, evaluation, and consequently, falsifying and «pollution» of information takes place at the stage of transmission from subject to subject, and the volume of information is increases. This increase is due to the unprecedented expansion of the public sphere, where every person, regardless of social status, professional competencies, values, have the ability to create and transmit any information in a public space and does not be responsible for the consequences of their actions.

The goal of this study is to investigate the causes, conditions, consequences of pollution of the information environment in which there is a modern man. The main research methods are comparative analysis and theoretical generalization.

In the process of achieving the goal, the following results and key conclusions were obtained: information pollution of the environment of modern man leads to intellectual and cultural degradation of man, to raise a degree of aggression in society, to rejection of moral constraints and, In the end, to social exclusion. Information pollution prevents the formation of «good society», which is a normative achievable ideal.

Keywords: information pollution, information war, «the good society», moral constraints, the principle of non-harming, precautionary principle, information imperative


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