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«Humanitarian» (2020г. №49)

ISSN 2078-9823 (Print), ISSN 2587-7879 (Online)

DOI: 10.15507/2078-9823.049.020.202001.092-102

Nikolay I. Meshkov1, Dmitriy N. Meshkov2

1 National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University (Saransk, Russia),

е-mail: nimesh@list.ru

2 PUMA, (Moscow, Russia),

е-mail: meshdn@list.ru


Spiritual culture as a foundation of psychosomatic health of an individual and society


Introduction. The article examines the influence of spiritual culture on psychosomatic health of people. This topic, often worded as a problem, is a subject of studies for representatives of religions (the article deals with Orthodox Christianity) and scientists of different areas of scientific knowledge. Appropriate addressing and solution of this problem will benefit psychosomatic health of a person and society. Goal of Research. The authors base on the published materials (papers, books) and analyze the positions of the representatives of religion (Orthodox Christianity) and scientists on the topic/problem to determine the differences. Methods. Comparative analysis. Theoretical modelling. Results of Research. The main distinction of views of scientists from views of the representatives of religion consists in understanding of spirituality as an exceptionally sociocultural phenomenon, the result of education. In Orthodox Christianity is understood as the result of action of Holy Spirit and self-improvement in order to “gain” Holy Spirit; the self-improvement is aimed to forming such spiritual qualities as faith, hope, love, humility, meekness etc., that benefit psychosomatic health of people. Discussion and Conclusion. If among representatives of Orthodox Christianity engaged in the study of the problem there are no strong differences on the genesis of spirituality and its influence on all sides of human life, then among scientists there are rather different views on the problem. Some representatives of scientific society consider spirituality exceptionally from materialism approach, but the other use certain synthetic approaches, taking into account that materialism is not able to give answers for all questions.

Keywords:  spirituality, secular and religious spirituality, spiritual values.

For citations: Meshkov N. I., Meshkov D. N. Spiritual culture as the basis of the psychosomatic health of an individual and society. Gumanitarian : aktual’nye problemy gumanitarnoi nauki i obrazovaniia = Russian Journal of the Humanities. 2020; 20(1): 92–102 (In Russ.). DOI: 10.15507/2078-9823.049.020.202001.092-102.


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