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«Humanitarian» (2018г. №42)

ISSN 2078-9823 (Print), ISSN 2587-7879 (Online)

DOI: 10.15507/2078-9823.042.018.201802.228-235

Zhanna G. Garanina

National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University, Saransk, Russia,

е-mail: garanina23@mai.ru

ORCID: http:// orcid.org/0000-0003-1428-1213.




Introduction. This article discusses theoretical approaches to the problem of autopsychological Competence. This article discusses theoretical approaches to the problem of autopsychologi-cal competence of students-psychologists. Autopsychological competence is based on reflexive, mo-tivational-semantic and regulatory components that contribute to the self-knowledge and self-development of future professionals. The reflexive component is connected with self-awareness and attitude to one’s personal and professional qualities. The regulatory component includes the use of self-control and self-regulation for self-change and self-development. Materials and methods. The results of an experimental study of the autopsychological competence of psychology students are presented. Diagnostic methods were used, processing of the data was carried out by means of cor-relation and factor analysis. Results. The significant correlation relationships between the charac-teristics of autopsychological competence such as reflection, self-regulation, self-coexistence and level of motivational readiness for self-knowledge and self-development of students are revealed. The factor analysis allowing to identify factors affecting relationships between the components of autopsychological competence and the level of self-knowledge and self-development are revealed. Discussion and Conclusions. The results of the research show the influence of self-attitudes and reflective qualities of students on readiness for self-knowledge and self-development, and are re-lated to students’ autopsychological competence.  Autopsychological competence affects the desire for self-knowledge and self-development of students in the process of psychological education in the university.

Keywords: autopsychological competence, professional self-development, reflection, self-regulation, self-knowledge.


For citation: Zhanna G. Garanina. The Role of Auutopsiological Competence of Students-Psychologists in the Process of Professional Self-Development. Gumanitarian : aktual’nye problemy gumanitarnoi nauki i obrazovaniia = Russian Journal of the Humanities. 2018; 18(2): 228–235. (In Russ.). DOI: 10.15507/2078-9823.042.018.201802.228-235


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